Testosterone Blood Test

When you want to take control of your health and well-being, a testosterone blood test can shed valuable information. Sometimes our hormones tell a bigger story about what's going on in different facets of our lives. From energy levels to sexual performance, the right testosterone levels are crucial for men and women. Learn more about taking a testosterone blood test and how the team at Genesis LifestyleLab can help. 

What Are Testosterone Lab Tests?

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Like the name implies, testosterone labs detect the levels of testosterone in your blood. These labs analyze your white blood cell counts, PSA totals, and platelet counts to provide a comprehensive picture of your body's health. These levels are also crucial to your peace of mind if you suspect something is wrong with your testosterone. 

How Does a Testosterone Blood Test Work?

It's unlikely your annual physical includes a look at your testosterone tests unless you've specially asked your doctor about it. As a result, you're missing key information about what's going on with your body. Testosterone tests are a powerful way to quickly learn about your hormones. After scheduling your tests, results typically arrive in 7 to 10 business days. The team at Genesis Lifestyle Labs sends a private, secure email to share your results privately. 

Do You Really Need a Testosterone Blood Test?

If you've never had a testosterone test, you may think it's fine to just wing it and guess whether or not you need a test. But only a lab-certified testosterone blood test can shed light on the true nature of what's going on with your body. With this information in hand, you can now work with your doctors or a healthcare professional about balancing your hormones for a better way to live.  

What Types of TRT Labs Should I Order?

Genesis Lifestyle Lab offers a wide range of testosterone blood tests to consider: 

Basic Men's Hormone Check

Choose the Basic Men's Hormone Check for a test of your blood count (CBC) with a differential and comprehensive metabolic profile (CMP). You'll also get information about your eGFR, Estradio (E2), lipid panel, testosterone panel, PSA total, and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH).

Platinum Panel Men's Hormone Check

With everything from our Basic Men's Hormone Check, the Platinum Panel Men's Hormone Check also offers a thyroxine-free (FT4) immunoassay, triiodothyronine-free (FT3), thyroid peroxidase, vitamin B12, vitamin D, 25-OH, and cortisol checks, the Platinum Panel Men's Hormone Check provides additional insights into your health.

Basic Women's Hormone Check

Women need testosterone tests to understand what's going on with their health. Our Basic Women's Hormone Check includes a look at your comprehensive metabolic profile (CMP) with eGFR, estradiol (E2), lipid panel, testosterone total, follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), progesterone, and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).

Platinum Women's Hormone Check

The Platinum Women's Hormone Check comes with everything in our basic test, plus looks at your progesterone, thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), thyroxine-free (FT4) immunoassay, triiodothyronine-free (FT3), vitamin B12, vitamin D, 25-OH, and cortisol.

The Ultimate Hormone Panel

Choose the Ultimate Hormone Panel, which includes all the components of our Platinum test. It also looks at your iron, urinalysis profile, iron, hemoglobin, thyroxine, cancer antigen, dehydroepiandrosterone, luteinizing, c-reactive protein, cardiac, vitamin D, 25-OH, magnesium, serum, and insulin.

What Does Testosterone Do for Your Body?

Testosterone is a hormone that plays a vital role in men's and women's health. It can impact muscle growth, strength, sexual function, genitalia and sperm production, and more. Testosterone usually isn't something women focus on, but it is still crucial to their overall health. Women's ovarian health and bone strength both require the right levels of testosterone.

What Happens If Your Testosterone Levels Are Abnormal?

If you discover your testosterone levels are unbalanced, it may be the reason for thinning hair or a low sperm count. If your levels are high, it's possible you're at a higher risk for health conditions, including prostate cancer. 

The good news is that if you're concerned about testosterone, our lab tests can help. They empower you to get the information you need to correct the problem. Whether you're exhausted or dealing with a poor libido, getting a handle on your testosterone levels could help. 

Why Work with Genesis Lifestyle Labs?

Genesis Lifestyle Labs takes a comprehensive approach to helping you heal from the inside out by offering advanced lab diagnostics and personalized treatment plans. We help optimize your body with everything it needs to work properly, so you can look and feel your best. We established our business with the We established our business with the intention of providing tests and cutting-edge treatments to assist our patients in achieving their individual objectives through a straightforward, transparent approach to weight management and aesthetics.

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