Testosterone Test At-Home

If you're worried about your health and well-being, taking a testosterone test at-home offers more insight and control. You have the convenience of taking the tests on your own terms while gathering more clues about everything, from what's going on with your energy levels to your libido and skin appearance. Learn more about how tests at Genesis Lifestyle Labs work to take control over your health journey.

What is Testosterone and Why Is It Important?

Testosterone is often associated with aggressive masculinity, but it also doesn't tell the whole story. In reality, the bad behavior that we associate with testosterone is largely misunderstood and a myth. It's true that testosterone can make you feel aggressive or depressed, but it can also impact much more than your muscles and mood.

Testosterone is a sex hormone that serves as a chemical messenger for your body. It travels through your body, organs, and bloodstream. Although testosterone is most often associated with men, women also need the right level of testosterone to keep their bodies functioning properly. Men's testosterone is responsible for the development of genitals and testes, voice changes, and sperm production. Womenalso  need their own testosterone test at-home to shed clues on their vital ovarian functions and bone strength, which can help stabilize the libido

How Does a Testosterone Test At-Home Work?

A testosterone test at-home gives you more control over the entire process from start to finish. Once you purchase your test from Genesis Labs, we will send you a link to schedule your lab appointment at a time and place of your convenience. After your blood is drawn, we send you the results by email within 7 to 10 days. You can privately review your results and decide whether or not to take them to your primary care physician for a further discussion or enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have more information about your health and well-being.

What Happens if Testosterone Levels Are Too High or Low?

You should never assume that you have enough testosterone. Even a small fluctuation can lead to issues with your health and well-being. You may not realize you're at risk for certain health conditions and mood disorders. 

Abnormal testosterone levels can leave you vulnerable to a host of issues. Your skin, hair, sperm count, libido, and mood can also suffer from any fluctuation in your testosterone. It can also cause acne, insomnia, and baldness, which can further complicate how you feel on a daily basis. In some cases, an increase in testosterone could lead to an increased risk of prostrate cancer.

Testosterone Test At-HomeA testosterone test at-home showing low levels could also be a problem, leading to fatigue or a low sexual drive. You may notice reduced muscle mass, erectile dysfunction, depression, and chronic diseases such as kidney and pituitary gland disorders. However, it's important to note that you may not develop any conditions as a result of abnormal testosterone levels. It's important to get more information from a licensed medical professional if you're concerned about your results.

Why Work with Genesis Lifestyle Labs?

Genesis Lifestyle Labs takes a comprehensive approach to helping you heal from the inside out by offering advanced lab diagnostics and personalized treatment plans. We help optimize your body with everything it needs to work properly, so you can look and feel your best. We were founded on the focus of offering tests and advanced treatments to help our patients reach their personal goals with a straight-forward, transparent approach to weight management and aesthetics.

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