Insulin-Like Growth Factor Test

Are you looking for ways to take control of your health with an insulin-like growth factor test? Genesis Lifestyle Labs can help. Also known as an IGF test, this test measures your bloodstream's level of IGF-1 and sometimes IGF-2. The goal is usually to assess unusual hormone production or growth disorders. 

What Does Someone Need an IGF Test?

Insulin-like Growth Factor Test - Genesis Lifestyle Labs

There are several reasons why someone would need an IGF test, including:


For some adults, experiencing high levels of IGF-1 can indicate an issue with acromegaly. The condition is characterized by excessive growth hormone production and could require follow-up to check for a tumor in the pituitary gland. 

Growth Disorders

Children may also need an insulin-like growth factor test. Comprehensive testing can help diagnose inefficiency or excess, as well as give your healthcare provider insights on how to adjust hormone levels. Low IGF-1 levels may suggest growth hormone deficiency, and higher levels could mean excessive growth hormone production.

Nutritional Status

Are you struggling with poor nutrition and aren't sure how it's impacting your health? Low IGF levels could indicate malnutrition or nutrition deficiencies that require attention.

Liver Function

The liver is responsible for producing IGF-1 in response to growth hormones. When liver function is abnormal, you may also have cirrhosis or other illnesses that lead to lower levels of IGF-1.

Monitoring Growth Hormone Therapy

Are you going through growth hormone therapy? A periodic insulin-like growth factor test helps monitor treatment effectiveness and can help adjust your dosages if necessary.

Assessing Pituitary Function

The pituitary gland is an important part of growth hormone production. An insulin-like growth factor test can reveal what's going on with your pituitary and whether or not you need treatment from a healthcare provider.

Investigating Delayed or Early Puberty

Children who are going through early or later puberty may signal a growth hormone issue and require IGF testing. 

Monitoring Cancer Treatment

Some cancers, including pituitary tumors, could impact growth hormone production and alter IGF levels. An insulin-like growth factor test helps assess treatment response and disease progression.

Assessing Overall Health

Sometimes IGF levels provide deeper clues and insights into your overall health and metabolic status. Abnormalities in IGF levels could shed light on emerging health conditions, including diabetes, kidney disease, or metabolic syndrome. However, it's important to know that a problematic IGF test does not mean you will develop any of these diseases or conditions.

How Do You Take an Online Insulin-like Growth Factor Test?

Genesis Lifestyle Labs makes it easy to empower yourself with the information you need to enhance your health and well-being. After purchasing one of our online hormone tests, you'll receive a link to schedule a lab test at a convenient location and date of your choosing.

We will email you the results within 5 to 7 business days. The results offer  more information about what's going on with your body. It also provides a confidential report that you can take to your healthcare provider to discuss the next steps.

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